Using Your Corona® Mill to Grind Grains & Beans by Hand

The Corona® bean, grain, and corn mill

The Corona® Mill is designed to produce medium-fine to coarse (or grist-style) flour from virtually any dry grain or bean and works superbly for this application. It makes wonderful fresh grits and corn meal for baking. While a single grind does not typically produce powder-fine flour appropriate for pastries and light, delicate breads, the flour may be sifted and/or quickly run through the mill a second time for a finer product.

The Corona® Hand Mill is made of high-quality materials and does not need any special maintenance. However, we include some tips for use:

The First Time You Use the Corona® Mill

The grinding plates of the Corona® are formed by casting and contain slight irregularities. These irregularities will create drag as they rub together the first few times the mill is used. Be prepared to put some force into the grinding during this early stage. Soon the grinding plates will be broken in and grinding will be a simpler, quicker task.

The Corona® Mill: Grind Anything!

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