Don't be fooled by cheap imitations

Old Corona® Hand Mill Advertisement

Not much has changed on the Corona® Mill since it was patented in 1925—and that's a good thing!

Cheap knock-offs trying to pass as Corona® Mills have been given some bad reviews online. True Corona® Mills have our emblem cast into the side of the grinder below the hopper. Some of the imitations show the number "500" there instead. And take a look at the crank screw that holds the handle on. Some imitation mills have an inferior screw. Corona® Hand Mill parts breakdown.

The Genuine Corona® Hand Mill

The Corona® Mill is the only mill of its kind that has been around and around and is still around!

The Corona® Mill is manufactured in Colombia and has been used for years in South American kitchens. This sturdy, dependable grinder is made out of the finest quality cast-iron, guaranteeing a long life. The tin plating prevents rust and makes it a snap to dust off after use.

The Corona® Mill: Grind Anything!